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Love magic, love spells, sexual fastening, bringing back love mates, unattraction spells

If you can’t attract the attention of your love mate you can put a love or attraction spell on him. If you do the ritual properly its influence remains for a long time. Further when the love spell weakens it is renewed by a special ritual. But if it is done in a wrong way either nothing improves or you could have problems. Men can have pathological jealousy, alcohol addiction, aggression, loss of sexual power, unemployment, lack of money, early death. Women performed the ritual in a wrong way hurt not only herselves but also their blood relatives: parents, children, brothers, sisters etc.

If you are not sure about your relationship with a partner it is better not to put a love spell on him/her because it is very hard to change the situation after that. For another thing an attraction spell affects sexual relationship but not an emotional one. After that your partner will want only sex from you but neither warmth or caress or emotional and spiritual kinship. Only sex. Like animals do.