Underlay a photo, what is an underlay photo

Many of us have faced such a phenomenon as lining, but due to ignorance, they did not pay much attention to this. Then in life bad events and unfavorable changes began to occur, but we often did not even guess where the roots grow from 
What is the lining in fact - Lining - is thrown up foreign things that you found in the house or in the yard.
The lining can be anything: from the kitchen utensil (spoon, fork) to hair, coals, bones.
 If you find a spoilage in yourself or at your home, you should immediately search everything around and inside the apartment in search of a padding.

      Lining is a charged with harmful energy object, which could be thrown by a person who wants to harm. The lining can be very different: 
A doll, a needle, a bag of salt, chicken feathers, bones.
 Knotted strips of white cloth, bent "box" on the cross, rye grain. 
Qualitatively made lining so affects the victim that you can look at him and not see.
Therefore, to find a lining (an extraneous thing that does not belong to you), you can draw a small plan of the yard and the house.
 Split it into small squares and carefully examine the square by the square. But do not forget to mark on the plan all the places that you viewed. Pay attention to any suspicious object, the origin of which can not be explained. 
Finding a lining is a great luck for the sufferer of corruption.
 After destroying a magic item, you can instantly get rid of harmful witchcraft. And by this you seriously beat the one who made it. 
It should also be noted that it is not always secretly hidden somewhere under the bed or carpet things. - Lining can be handed along with some kind of gift, a souvenir.
 So be careful when taking anything from someone you are not sure of. Do not take presents from people who are potentially wishing you ill and unhappiness.

In addition, such things can be of a general nature, that is, they are not made for a specific person. Sometimes the pads are left on the street waiting for someone to step over them or take them. 
So do the transfers to valuable things decoration, money, etc.
What are the lining and what they carry in themselves

Virtually any thing can be magically charged. Most often, piercing and cutting objects are used for the lining. Having found out in the house it is not clear where the needle, scissors or a nail taken from, it is necessary to be on the alert. These subjects are aimed at the discord of relationships, the emergence of family problems; They are pinned into walls, doors, bandaged and left in corners or under furniture.

Often, a dangerous object can be a hair clip, sometimes - a comb. Such kind of pads are more often aimed at disturbing sleep and are usually used to attack a woman, but they can also harm the health or the family as a whole. Typically, such an object is placed under the bed or under the mattress


      Cereals and rubbish at the doorstep Most probably Distributed lining of cereals.For example, wheat, sunflower seeds, buckwheat attract quarrels between close people. Seeds or grains, connected with each other feathers or leaves If you find something strange behind the door, do not take it in your hands and do not bring into the house. 
And so Lining in the form of garbage under the door (cereals funny with garbage, salt, etc. Can be thrown under the door, into the garden, brought into the house and hidden in a secluded place or sewed into a pillow Such grain is usually made for illness, setbacks In business and poverty "How birds peck seeds, so that you have been glued together your goods, happiness, wealth, etc.)


Polklad money is flooded with something with rubbish, salt Do it for what would spoil your business, take away luck and financial opportunities As a rule, toss coins of small denomination for tears and poverty  

         Lining in the Pillow Lining of feathers, syomochek, zeren. If feathers, Ostyaks, colored feathers, feathers torn with meat, rags sewn to them with feathers, various grains (oats, wheat, corn, watermelon, zucchini seeds), coal, sticks, plaques, horsehair, threads, were found in the pillow, Rags, etc., all this must be properly destroyed.

To destroy the lining from the pillows, it is not necessary to burn the entire pillow: 
The discovered lining should be wrapped in paper or cotton cloth, and then thoroughly wash your hands.
 If the full moon has not yet come, remove the package to a place where no one will touch it. 
When the full moon arrives in the evening, closer to midnight, find a place where paths or paths intersect.
 It is necessary to be baptized with the words: "Lord, bless." Then to light a fire and throw in a burning flame a bundle with the found objects. 
As soon as the contents of the convolution light up, it is necessary to say: "Go away, evil, to where it came from.
 There´s no way back to you. " Then, three times, read the prayer "Our Father". Wait until all the contents of the bundle are completely burned. As soon as you make sure that everything is burnt, the right foot (for the man) or the left (for the woman) scatter the ashes on all four sides and, without looking back, go home. Returning home, take a pillow in which the harmful objects were found, and go out with her to the street or hang it out through a window or balcony. You need to hit it three times and say: "As the dust comes out of the pillow, so everything is evil, get out of the pillow." Turn the pillow over and hit it again three times and repeat the same words. Then again turn the pillow and say: "As dust returns back to earth, so you, evil, return to where it came from." Turn the pillow over to the other side and repeat the previous words. Then go into the house, put a pillow on the bed, sprinkle it with holy water and cross it three times. Turn the pillow and do the same. Once all this is done, wash your hands, moisten them with holy water and drink three sips of holy water. Now the action of evil and harm is destroyed.

  Lining in the form of eggs or shells . Eggs always attracted the attention of witches. The egg is the symbol of life. There are many black magic effects on humans with its use. Sometimes there are people who throw eggs in a spell. There are eggs that the witch sucks, and then spits out with spells, and throws the shell under the threshold of his victim. 
If a planted egg or shell is found under the threshold or in the yard, in no case should they be taken by hand.
 All this must be collected on a scoop, carried out on the street, to build a fire and burned, while reading the prayer "May God arise." Having come home, it is necessary to clean the threshold and the house inside with the help of a candle and holy water, reading any prayer from spoiling.


      Podkla through the ropes and nodules There are podklady in the form of thread, often with nodules. Nodular magic is multi-profile, but the lining of threads is done for diseases and infertility. . Sometimes near the house or in the house you can find a rope with knots. These can be loops or loops with knots. Than the knots are more intricate, the more sophisticated the corruption. Rope with nodules at the crossroads is a kind of throwing your ailments onto an accidental victim Try not to step on this type of rope

    Nodal magic - This is a special kind of spoilage, in which a witch deprives a person of certain abilities or paralyzes any parts of the body. This kind of spoilage is very strong. For removal, you need to contact the healer. But first, neutralize the malicious lining. 
If ropes with nodes are detected, they must be destroyed as soon as possible.
 But first pierce each knot with a knife with the words: "In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, be destroyed, enemy forces". Three times cross the rope and repeat with each knot. Then we burn everything, uttering the prayer "Our Father", and bury the ashes and read the prayer "Alive in help" over this place.


Corruption through the blood . If there are drops of blood on the doorstep, be careful. We must try to find the source of blood. If it is not found, then it is necessary to clean this place. In this case, you need to be careful. It may be a drop of blood from a dead ritual animal. The sorcerer or witch with special spells seize the soul of the animal in order to harm. The blood must be washed off with water using a rag. Over this place three times to carry a burning candle with the prayer "Our Father". Then sprinkle with holy water. When the water dries, the treated area is rubbed with a bulb. A rag that was washed off the blood should be burned on the street.

      Salt is actively used in pads for quarrels and illnesses ; Salt is often mixed with a much more dangerous lining - earth. The earth can be taken from the cemetery - and then the lining will be aimed at bringing the person to the grave, speeding up his death. 
It is easier to fight, when the lining is simply left on the threshold - you need to disinfect it correctly.
 But there are such magical experimenters who rub the threshold and the door with grave earth with a certain spell to bring into space the meaning of that henceforth this place is for the dead and those living here dwell must move to another world

  Lining the Earth under the Door   The land brought from the cemetery carries the most destructive energy. And such damage is always done to death or to serious illnesses. The earth taken from the cemetery is aimed at bringing the person to the grave, speeding up his death.

    It is easier to fight, when the lining is simply left on the threshold - you need to disinfect it correctly. But there are such magical experimenters who rub the threshold and the door with a grave earth with a certain spell to bring into space the meaning of that from now on this place is for the dead and the living ones that live here must go to another world. Badly if you enter into such a conjured Earth.

     So the land from the cemetery is thrown into the house In pots with flowers or under furniture "until then you lie here until all living in this house the dead will not be taken away" No one can live in such a house All the living will go to the next world. - How to separate the "spoiled" flowers from normal ones? It is necessary to water all the plants in your house for a week with water, consecrated on the Feast of Baptism. If as a result of these manipulations some plants disappear, then there was a "dead" earth in the corresponding pots. These pots, along with their contents, must be taken out of the house, broken up on a trash can and returned home silently, without turning around. 
Dead land with a conspiracy in the house Or even simply brought by someone "caring" from the graveyard One of the most powerful spoils As a rule, it´s very difficult to finish And it works for all living in the house If the land is hidden somewhere in the house (makes itself felt that , Animals do not live in the house and People constantly get sick, dry, etc.)