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EnergoVampires and Donors Protection from energy vampires

Energy vampires - this is another muck. It´s not strange, but they really exist, they´re not Gothic fanged uncles in elegant suits and raincoats, mostly grandmothers-old women who like to wash our bones sitting on benches, insolent aunts and men who run into Us in lines and public transport, or even just children adoring to hang around our necks. There are also subtypes, the first subtype is those that draw positive energy and after leaving such vampires the donor is ready to explode as three hundred tons of TNT literally from scratch, without cause. The second subtype is the one that draws negative energy, only after their departure the Donor is exhausted to the aisle and is poured out for half a day. 
Often in the midst of people who identify themselves with esotericists, there are some forms of the story of energy vampires in one form or another.
 As if in the very word the vampire has some magical power. 
Energy vampires are people who, consciously or unconsciously, are fed, voluntarily or not, by the energy of other people.
Recognize energy vampires simply.
 If you feel that after getting in touch with a person the state of health worsens, you want to sleep, it hurts or dizzy - these are the symptoms that the psychic energy has sucked. 
There are two types of energy vampires - "aggressors", which create scandals, trying to break through the victim´s barrier network, her bioenergetic defense, and "diplomats" who try to create a feeling of pity and sympathy.
The donor for energovampira usually are people energetically strong, calm, balanced benevolent, filled with light energy, a vampire literally drinks his health, his life, forcing him to become a donor.
EnergoVampir So loud it sounds !!!!!
 But It is a shameful phenomenon for mankind with a loud name EnergoVampirizm Often I hear how some individuals say with enthusiasm that they are EnergoVampires Smacking and stretching it as pleasures Proud of themselves Mol " That´s what I look at" 
As if talking to one freak I tell him - "Yes you are energy vamp, man, you are cool" And then the "Peacock" tail dismissed "dissolved" - " I´m such an energy vampire"
In fact, the Energy Vampire is an unfortunate person, doomed to a slow death in solitude or to commit a "crime" in dealing with others.
 They are like drug addicts who are looking for a dose during the break-up, go to conflicts and scandals to get high from the dose. 
Strongly expressed features of energy vampire
- Arrogance Attention to your own person - "This is something else, but I have ...", "But I´m in your place ...";
- Increased suspiciousness and sensitivity
- Vindictiveness, envy, anger;
- Active dislike of everything good, clean and bright - thoughts, feelings, faith.
People who call themselves energy vampires often do not understand who are energy vampires and try to imitate their imagination.
 Such people are deeply lonely and thus deceive themselves trying to survive at the expense of others. How to remind the world that here I am, I still have, I´m still here, I came for a new dose Peace, I´m weak and insignificant, I´m energy vampire. 
In general, all people are a little energovampiry But in the measure and often is not realized What distinguishes normal people from life-threatened energy vampires
Ordinary people receive energy in the usual ways : by digesting food and digesting the carbohydrates contained in it, when the blood is saturated with a large amount of oxygen and so on.
 This is about physical charges of energy. 
In parallel, the creation of spiritual energy.
 Its stocks are replenished due to the good events taking place in the life of a person: for example, visiting your favorite cafe-restaurant, going to the cinema and watching a good movie, going to a concert or a visit, meeting an old friend or girlfriend and so on, download movies and sit down with Yummy in front of the laptop screen. So the life force is filled with a person not burdened by hereditary bursts of the energy shell. Tobish is a normal adequate person. 
As for energy vampires, their vulnerability is a consequence of the "leaky" energy envelope.
 For a normal existence, such people are forced not only to eat intensively, lead an emotional life, but also replenish the lack of energy, selecting it from others. Often there are data of the individual in the family or on the robot. This is the most unpleasant. Since unsatisfied dyutka in the street or in the store we see Once and a minute more will not see That home and working schizophrenics we have to endure. 
There is also a form of energy-vampirism such as Self-Vampirism or Inner Vampirism, different from other types of energy vampirism in that there is an attack on its own energy system.
 The tragedy of parasitic vampirism is that the vampire becomes its own victim. Operating from within, parasitic vampirism spends the energy necessary to its owner, weakening its ability to resist even small stresses.

Effective protection from EnergoVampires is the "construction" of a mental barrier - a mirror, a stone or fiery wall. They are afraid of the fire most of all. And another good method - just do not come into contact with another hungry vampire, just get away from the vampire. Avoid contact, run away, break off relationships, even risking being considered impolite. Type "we ´ll talk later when you calm down " 
Do not get irritated under any circumstances.
 The vampire sucks in someone else´s energy only when the victim begins to lose his temper (in the literal sense of the word) 
The vampire does not need to be afraid.
 Treat him with irony and humor-that which causes laughter, This way works wonderfully against a variety of aggressors. 
For example, when your furious boss splashes saliva and vomits insults, knocks his fist on the table, try not to cringe, trying unsuccessfully to become as unobtrusive as possible and reduce it in size - imagine a screaming boss by a small little man at a tiny table and mentally cover it with transparent A glass - the sound disappeared, but what a rich and inimitable gestures and gestures!I assure you, you no longer have to restrain the trembling of your lips, and your knees - only to restrain from laughter.
Excellent saves from the vampire humor and good irony.
 Try to laugh at all the rude remarks of your energy-suiting interlocutor. Humor vampires do not understand at all and are strongly irritated by this, which means they lose their strength and the right moment to attack.

Against chatterboxes, whiners, nerds and others stuck well helps thoughtful recitation (do not listen, fly in the clouds) "about yourself" reading your favorite poem or remember the multiplication table DO NOT LISTEN - devoid of attention and access to the energy body, the vampire will lag behind you and search Another, easier victim. 
Never ask questions to chatterboxes, do not feel sympathy for whiners.
 If you see that nagging becomes a way of life of some friend of yours. Sympathy and pity can be disastrous for you and for him. 
A good method against the vampires of whiners Counterattack of the type "It´s that, but I have a nightmare! Just some horror! I do not really know where to start, what to do!"
 - and further, connecting the imagination, compose a heartbreaking "soapy" story. Encourage him to share your feelings, sympathize with you, resent you. 
When they feel that the return from you is not, they will stop annoying you.
 It is checked not once.


And so it´s time to find out who you are, the donor or the vampire? 
Then you are a vampire if:
When you have a bad mood, it makes you feel better if you watch the same thing from other people;
You often catch yourself on elemental envy;
Do you like to teach people how to live?
You like to cause irritation or fear in people;
You feel an extraordinary surge of strength in the presence of a certain person.

And You are a donor if: 
Constantly feel a sense of fatigue, not associated with mental or physical labor;
You like noisy companies and they love you;
You are always ready to drop all your affairs and hurry to help, even if you are not asked;
When you have a good mood, you feel that the energy is directly beating from you;
You always try to stop conflicts at the root;
The word "sensation" does not cause you a fuss.